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Welcome to bloodindex

Dear friends!

Bloodindex serves as a platform for creating a worldwide knowledge bank and an information warehouse taking advantage of the developments in Internet Technologies and Healthcare.

Bloodindex is committed to the care and improvement of human life and emphasize for better health. Bloodindex commits itself to deliver quality, effective bloodcare & health to the whole world, with honesty and integrity. Bloodindex provides fast and safe health & bloodcare information to all when and wherever required.

Bloodindex educates on the health and bloodcare and is world's first vortal on bloodcare. Bloodindex stands to position as one of the most effective and respected blood portals in the humanitarian sector. By joining hands with Bloodindex you are showing the world that you can make a significant difference to your life and community.

Bloodindex Health Diary, An Online Electronic Personal Health Record Solution free for life-time, wherein you can take printouts and create charts of your Clinical investigations including Blood Pressure Readings, Blood Sugar Readings, all types of Clinical Tests, Treatments, Diagnosis, Medical Images, Clinical Investigation Report History in a single platform, with the ability to access reports & data online from anywhere seamlessly.

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Bloodindex Mission

Stepping towards safety. Looking towards the future. Ensuring safe health & bloodcare

Bloodindex Vision

Bloodindex committed to become leader in healthcare by providing excellence in technology and best service to the society.

Why Bloodindex
  • to create awareness in society on the science of blood and healthcare
  • to make people aware of the Safe Blood Transfusion with blood diseases
  • to motivate people to donate blood voluntarily
  • to provide information on blood donation camps
  • to organise training programmes
  • to publish posters, booklets to promote voluntary blood donation
  • to motivate the donors of tomorrow - catch, educate them early
  • to help the Government and other regulatory bodies in bloodcare
  • to propagate the message of importance of blood in humans.
  • to fight against the superstition and odd social beliefs.
  • to redefine healthcare


Bloodindex makes use of developments in Information and Communication technology (ICT) to create awareness and care on Safe Blood, AIDS Prevention, Blood Pressure, Heart Attack and Diabetes..etc - including medical education from a distance.We also provide healthcare educational services to the general public and rural community. For partnerships and turnkey project development send email to

Find nutrition values for common foods

Blood Donation Drive
Details :
Venue : Social Welfare hall, Reddipatti.
Date : 01.01.2012
Time : 8.00am
Conducted by : Kadavul Charitable Trust

Details : blood donation
Venue : gvbliugi
Date : 29/02/2012
Time : 8.00
Conducted by : jjgujgtu

Details :
Date : 14/06/2012
Time : 9.00 - 17.00
Conducted by : Mercy Mission

Details : Please donate blood
Venue :
Date :
Time :
Conducted by :

Details :
Venue :
Date :
Time :
Conducted by :

Details :
Venue :
Date :
Time :
Conducted by :

Blood Donation Camp
Details : Uyirmeiseva conduting blood donation camp for good cause. Doctors are coming from GH.
Venue : Ramakrishna mission primary school, #6 Maharajapuram santhanam street, T.Nagar, Cheannai - 600017, Tamilnadu, India
Date : 05-oct-2014
Time : 8AM - 2PM
Conducted by : Uyirmeiseva

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Smoke triggered mechanism that impaired cell response to insulin

FDA Cautions Against Using Unapproved IUDs

FDA Launches Pilot Program To Improve the Safety of Drugs and Active Drug Ingredients Produced Outside the United States

Federal Agencies Issue Draft Guidance for Industry Good Importer Practices

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Why Bloodindex

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